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Hello! I'm Brenda


A space to share moments in life and medicine unique to our shared humanity and

encounters with people who inspire me along the way.

When I'm not Medi(c/t)ating, I'm an aspiring photojournalist, budding acrylic painter, great lover of nature and astronomy, woman of Faith, contemplative

... and a doctor by profession. 


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My Story

I was made in Kenya sometime in the 80s. I spent most of my early formative years in that beautiful land fascinated by the landscape, it colours, vegetation, animals, history, tribes, languages and cultures. Later, my parents and siblings migrated to U.K. I was in my early teens. Most of those teenage years were spent acclimatising or rather trying to. A close friend would later (and dare I add with great pomp), tell me that I had failed to develop the 'third culture kid' blend of cultures. Instead, I had somehow managed to embrace them all, making me fully British, fully Kenyan and fully Brenda. Go figure.


Being a Kenyan-Brit has shaped the lens through which I view and experience the world. Somewhere in me exists this young African girl who is still in awe, fascinated and full of gratitude. Life hasn't always been full of roses. Far from it. In the really difficult moments in life, which for me range from living bereavement, being an immigrant, a woman of colour, in medicine and living in a world of racial undertones, Covid'-19 pandemic ... I have re-discovered joy. It is possible to find JOY. It is possible to grow, thrive, replenish and nourish oneself and others. Medi(c/t)ation offers me the space to share this journey.

Medi(c/t)ation has taken just over 3 years from concept to these first few words. Yes, it has been a slow journey fuelled by anxiety and ordinary moments of courage. During this slow journey, the pandemic came and changed me as it did most especially healthcare professionals. Yet, in the middle of that darkness, this little dream slowly started to bud taking shape in various forms including writing, photography, poetry and painting.  Join me on my Medi(c/t)ation journey

In case this is where we part ways, I wish you JOY xoxo

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