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The Havoc of Choice

Wanjiru Koinange

1 Mar 2022

We're calling this one 'the blind date'

The Havoc of Choice - Wanjiru Koinange

This was my blind date for the Month of March 2022.

Blind date?? Yes. Blind date - a recommendation made by a trusted friend. And yes...I gave her the side eye and then dug in with great and dare I add theatrical reluctance.

My goodness. Was I wrong or was I wrong? This turned out to be quite the read. Couldn't put it down. It evoked so many emotions,...I love all the characters...but 2 or 3ish. My heart broke. I wept. I was enraged. I also fell in love. At the very end... I found some semblance of hope?

I can't recommend it enough.

Happy Reading.

P.S. If it's not for you, that too is ok. See you next month?


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