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Let's talk about Medi(c/t)ation

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Medi(c/t)ation is derived from the words #medicine #medic #medication #meditation #medical

life and medicine ..... and everything in between

Dear reader, thank you for joining me on this little venture. The Medi(c/t)ation blog is for me a space to reflect, explore, learn, heal and grow.

Reflection or rather reflective practice has its place at the core of medicine. This is reflected in the mandatory component of our medical career journey, starting during medical school to retirement and beyond. It is a life-long habit. Yet due to the volume of work, training pathways, psycho-social strain, exams, life ... the process runs the risk of being reductive. It is compounded by other parties who act as 'monitors' to ensure that the process is a) taking place b) relevant to the specialty and clinical pathways c) a form of governance structure to evidence competency. These are all good objectives in themselves.

During my 10+ years in healthcare service, I've learnt that there are some lessons and observations that cannot fit into this model of reflection. The Medi(c/t)ation blog is for that other learning that occurs in the space 'where life and medicine meet'.

That space where life and medicine meet ... that's where the greatest growth occurs for me. It is the soil, which nurtures my practice of medicine. It has shaped me into a 'wholesome' human and more compassionate doctor.


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