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Diamonds in the Rain

Before the pandemic, I was striding through life so fast that somewhere along the lines, I forgot how to smell the roses. If I'm being honest, I even forgot 'roses' existed.

My stride is now slower. It's so slow, I feel like I'm standing still. Yet, it is in this stillness that I've re-discovered these magical moments in life ... such as the scent and taste of the 1st sip of coffee first thing in the morning, the vibrancy of flowers, sunlight and all its hues, the silence of woodlands and fields, night time walks on starry winter nights, crispy morning air, early morning walks, dancing and laughing in the rain because I can (and what the heck am I going to do anyway), sounds of rain pelting against my window, birdsong in dead of night ..... I am falling in love!

I am falling in love with life...With my life. What a joyous experience. It's about time too.

Diamonds in the Rain
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