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I'm a selenophile. Ok, so I had to google the word.

What I mean to say is... I love the Moon, in all it's shades and seasons. It takes my breathe away. I often stop and marvel at its magnificence. I think of all the eyes throughout time that have gazed at it just as I do here in 2022. I think of the stories.... oral and written that have been passed from generation to generation. I think of pilgrims across time, whose paths have been beautifully lit by this very same Moon. I thank God that I too get to witness this magic often.

So yeah...I'm a selenophile every day of the week, night and day.

Fun Facts
  • The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite

  • The gravitational pull of the Moon on Earth, plays a huge role inthe formation of tide

Should you ever find yourself at a beach, try and look up at the little wonder called the Moon.

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