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The ability to read changed my world as a child. It allowed to me visit parts of the world that would have otherwise been inaccessible especially for an African child living in rural post-colonial Kenya. Each book was an opportunity to go on an adventure, to learn, dream, hope...


As I've grown older, reading remains one of the greatest joys of my life. Even when I'm a busy, I'll try and fit at least 15 minutes of reading into my day... preferably with a hard copy, I love how they smell and feel. Failing this an audiobook -  Thank you Trevor Noah. (I digress SMH*).

Being a little/lot older and hopefully wiser (not just grey), I'd like to think I make better choices when it comes to the books I choose to consume. I try to pick books which, nurture me... help me become even more compassionate... enable me to have a deeper understanding of our common humanity and relationships. In other words, I'm more conscious and intentional about my intellectual growth. 

Feel free to join me or to go on your own journey with a book. 


PS. I'd love to hear about your what you're reading. 


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